If you are thinking of getting a typewriter keyboard as a gaming keyboard, but you are not sure if it’s the right choice, then you need some advice. We’re here to help!

Using a typewriter keyboard for gaming isn’t a very common choice, but the pros and cons of using one will be discussed in this article. Also, we are going to give you some tips on how to choose the right typewriter keyboard based on your needs. No matter if you are already familiar with typewriter keyboards or just starting to explore your options, read on for some helpful information.

What is Typewriter Keyboard?

Keyboards that are designed to resemble typewriters are known as typewriter keyboards, as their shape and placement resemble those of typewriters. Those individuals who have used mechanical typewriters for the majority of their lives and have been very active writers have been the target audience for these keyboards. In spite of the fact that most typewriters today have electronic keyboards, they still have that old-school look and feel, so they are bringing back the same experience.

The QWERTY keyboard is one of the standard keyboards used on typewriters and computers in countries that use Latin-based alphabets as their primary language. There are six letters in the first row of the keyboard that can be found on all keyboards, and this is known as QWERTY.

The Benefits of Using a Typewriter Keyboard for Gaming

You might be wondering if typewriter keyboards are good for gaming. The answer is, it depends on what your needs are.

When it comes to keyboards that are durable and can withstand a great deal of wear and tear, typewriter keyboards are a great choice. Moreover, they are also ideal for people who use keyboards a lot, because they are very comfortable to use, so they are ideal for those who do a lot of typing.

In case you are looking for a gaming keyboard, you might want to consider something else if you want a keyboard that is specifically designed for gaming. When it comes to gaming sessions, typewriter keyboards can be a bit noisy and not always as responsive as you might need them to be.

The Downside of Using a Typewriter Keyboard for Gaming

The typewriter keyboard is suitable for typing, but it isn’t suitable for gaming since it is not ideal for fast-paced gameplay. This is mainly due to the fact that they are smaller in size compared with a typical gaming keyboard, meaning that they have fewer keys. Hence, if you’re looking to play your favorite games competitively, a gaming keyboard is going to be your best choice instead of a computer keyboard.

Should You Use a Typewriter Keyboard for Gaming?

If you’re a fan of the clicky sound that typewriter keyboards make, then you’re probably going to like them for gaming if you like the sound they make. They can also give you an edge over your competitors, because they are designed to be more responsive and faster than traditional keyboards, so they can give you a competitive edge.

You may need some time to adjust to the feel of a typewriter keyboard if you aren’t used to the feel of manual keyboards. And if you’re someone who likes to have a lot of space on their desk, typewriter keyboards may not be for you.

The Best Typewriter Keyboards for Gaming

The market today offers a number of excellent typewriters that can be used both for typing and for gaming. There are some fantastic typewriter keyboards out there that are perfect for gamers who simply want to feel a bit nostalgic while they play their favorite games.

The two keyboards I consider to be my personal favorites are the Qwerkywriter S Typewriter keyboard and the RK Royal Kludge keyboard. The Double RK Royal Kludge is also a great option, as it has 108 keys and is backlit. And the NACODEX Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard has a rechargeable battery and backlit keys.

These keyboards have mechanical switches, which means they have an instant response time. That’s crucial when you’re gaming, because you need to be able to react quickly to what’s happening on-screen. Plus, the typewriter keyboard adds extra connectivity, which can come in handy when you’re playing online.


You have to decide what games you want to play and how fast you want to be able to type depending on what games you play. A typewriter keyboard may be able to give you the edge you need if you are a gamer who plays games that require a lot of typing such as strategy games and massively multiplayer online games.

I would probably recommend a typewriter keyboard for more casual gamers who simply want to be able to quickly type out commands without having to worry about changing keyboards every so often, so it is probably not worth the investment if you aren’t that serious about gaming.

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