Best Ram for Ryzen 5 5600X

The Ryzen 5 5600X is a powerhouse of a processor that offers seamless performance for demanding tasks and high-end gaming.

With its six cores and 12 threads, it can easily handle demanding applications such as image editing, video encoding, and browsing. But, without the right memory, it may not perform to its full potential.

Choosing the right RAM is crucial to ensure your Ryzen 5 5600X delivers the maximum performance and efficiency. With the right memory, you can enjoy lightning-fast load times, smoother multitasking, and an overall boosted experience.

The Ryzen 5 5600X supports the AM4 socket, making it easy to upgrade and add the right memory to your system.

In this article, we’ll explore the best RAM options for the Ryzen 5 5600X, so you can take your gaming and productivity to the next level. Whether you’re a gamer, designer, or professional, the right memory will make a significant difference in your system’s performance and overall experience.

So, let’s dive in and explore the best options to help you get the most out of your Ryzen 5 5600X.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Best Pick Thermaltake Toughram RGB Thermaltake Toughram RGB

Good aesthetics, looks appealing to the eye.

RGB ecosystems are well supported.

Most Popular G.Skill Trident Z NEO Series G.Skill Trident Z NEO Series

The XMP performance is amazing.

The modules are easily configurable.

Amazing latency and memory performance.

Budget Pick Patriot Viper III Black Mamba Patriot Viper III Black Mamba

Solid build quality.

Sleek looking heatspreader.

Provides adequate performance and stability.

Best Ram for Ryzen 5 5600X Summary

Image Model Price
Thermaltake Toughram RGB Thermaltake Toughram RGB See On Amazon
G.Skill Trident Z NEO Series G.Skill Trident Z NEO Series See On Amazon
Patriot Viper III Black Mamba Patriot Viper III Black Mamba See On Amazon
Corsair Vengeance LPX Corsair Vengeance LPX See On Amazon
Crucial Ballistix Crucial Ballistix See On Amazon
Patriot Viper 4 Patriot Viper 4 See On Amazon
TeamGroup Delta RGB T-Force TeamGroup Delta RGB T-Force See On Amazon
G.Skill RipJaws V Series 16GB G.Skill RipJaws V Series 16GB See On Amazon

Best Ram for Ryzen 5 5600X At a Glance:

Best Ram for Ryzen 5 5600X Reviews

Thermaltake Toughram RGB (Image credit: Amazon)

Thermaltake Toughram RGB


Good aesthetics, looks appealing to the eye.

RGB ecosystems are well supported.


Very pricey.

Inadequate performance.

The Thermaltake Toughram RGB RAM is a top-notch choice for anyone looking for a reliable and high-performance solution for their Ryzen 5 5600X.

With its well-established reputation as a leading manufacturer of high-quality products, Thermaltake demonstrates its commitment to delivering the best to its customers.

Thanks to its user-friendly installation process and its 10-layer PCB and fully screened chips, the Toughram RGB is a standout RAM option for the Ryzen 5 5600X.

The Ryzen processor cooler’s compatible heat spreader helps keep the CPU temperature under control, making this RAM an even more attractive choice.

Not only does the Toughram RGB provide unbeatable gaming performance, but it is also well-equipped to handle demanding web browsing and content creation tasks. With the exclusive Toughram software, you can monitor temperature, frequency, and performance with ease.

This RAM is widely considered one of the most reliable and advanced technologies available today.

While its high price tag may give some pause, the Thermaltake Toughram RGB more than justifies its cost with its superior features and capabilities. Its lightning-fast speed and eye-catching RGB lighting make it an instant standout among its competitors.

Don’t hesitate to add this cutting-edge RAM to your Ryzen 5 5600X setup for unbeatable performance.

G.Skill Trident Z NEO Series (Image credit: Amazon)

G.Skill Trident Z NEO Series


The XMP performance is amazing.

The modules are easily configurable.

Amazing latency and memory performance.



The G. Skill Trident Z Neo RAM is the perfect choice for enhancing the performance of your AMD build. Designed specifically for the Ryzen 5 5600X processor, this DDR4 memory kit boasts impressive features and a stunning RGB design.

G. Skill’s reputation for delivering high-quality products is evident in the exceptional performance of the Trident Z Neo series.

With its visually appealing lighting effects and advanced compatibility program, this RAM elevates the aesthetics of your build while delivering top-notch performance. Overclocking is effortless and unrestricted by any latency issues, making it the best option for high-end gaming and content creation.

The price may be a bit higher than average, but its superior performance and value are worth every penny.

G. Skill has a long-standing reputation for delivering top-notch products, and the Trident Z Neo is no exception. This RAM is a class above the rest, with no compromises on quality.

The company may not offer a lifetime warranty, but they do provide the best RAM compatible with Ryzen processors. Invest in the G. Skill Trident Z Neo for a truly remarkable and unique computing experience.

Patriot Viper III Black Mamba (Image credit: Amazon)

Patriot Viper III Black Mamba


Solid build quality.

Sleek looking heatspreader.

Provides adequate performance and stability.


Issues with production and availability.

Installation can be a bit tricky.

Elevate your gaming and work performance with the Patriot Viper III Black Mamba RAM. This RAM boasts not just top-notch performance, but also a unique and stylish design that sets it apart from other options for the Ryzen 5 5600X processor.

The Black Mamba’s heat spreader ensures efficient heat dissipation, resulting in stable and optimal temperatures during use.

During our tests, the Viper III Black Mamba proved to be the fastest RAM for the Ryzen 5 5600X, delivering seamless and stable performance for gaming and demanding tasks. Its low latency and timing only add to its outstanding performance.

And with the lifetime warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing your investment will be protected for as long as you need it.

Although it may not be ideal for extreme overclocking, the Viper III Black Mamba is a great choice for individuals seeking both style and performance from their RAM.

Despite limited availability, careful planning and determination can lead to obtaining the original at a reasonable price. Get ready to dominate the competition with the Patriot Viper III Black Mamba RAM.

Corsair Vengeance LPX (Image credit: Amazon)

Corsair Vengeance LPX


Top-notch performance and efficiency.

Lifetime warranty.


Limited overclockability at 1.35V

Included cooling fans add to the total price.

The Corsair Vengeance LPX is a memory solution designed for those who demand the best in performance. Its sleek, low-profile heat spreader made of pure aluminum efficiently dissipates heat. Ideal for compact builds, it includes two integrated fans that keep temperatures under control.

This RAM is carefully crafted to provide exceptional performance, with each IC receiving special attention for maximum overclocking headroom. The clean, stylish design of the Vengeance LPX will complement any Ryzen 5 5600X build.

Corsair’s commitment to making memory upgrades easy and accessible remains steadfast, and this product is no exception.

While some may miss the RGB lighting feature, the Vengeance LPX’s outstanding performance more than compensates for its absence.

Ideal for gaming enthusiasts, this RAM delivers exceptional performance in the most demanding games. Minor flaws aside, the Corsair Vengeance LPX is a top performer that will not disappoint.

Whether you’re streaming movies or playing the latest games, this RAM is the ultimate choice for the Ryzen 5 5600X processor.

Crucial Ballistix (Image credit: Amazon)

Crucial Ballistix


Low-profile design

Easy to install


Slightly overpriced

The Crucial Ballistix DDR4 RAM is the ideal solution for those seeking to elevate their Ryzen 5 5600X system’s performance. With its eye-catching design, this Best RAM for Ryzen 5 5600X boasts speed, reliability, and style in equal measure.

Built with ease of installation and compatibility in mind, this RAM is a popular choice among gamers and professionals alike.

The XMP 2.0 support allows for effortless overclocking to reach maximum performance, making it the perfect match for both casual and demanding tasks.

The compact, low-profile design of this RAM is ideal for those with space constraints, making it the best mid-price option for the Ryzen 5 5600X.

It provides a noticeable improvement in speed and performance for demanding applications, such as photo editing, video production, and animation.

While this RAM does not feature RGB lighting, it compensates with its low voltage and low latency capabilities. The heat spreader ensures stable performance, even during heavy workloads.

Unfortunately, the Crucial Ballistix DDR4 RAM does not come with a lifetime warranty, but its reputation for delivering high-quality performance speaks for itself.

Patriot Viper 4 (Image credit: Amazon)

Patriot Viper 4


Good XMP performance

Reliable heatsink

Reasonable price


Higher Voltage need

Minor overclocking problems

For those seeking high-performance RAM that is both reliable and efficient, the Patriot Viper 4 is a top-notch choice.

This RAM sets itself apart from others on the market by maximizing its performance potential and consistently delivering outstanding results, even under intense computing conditions.

Boasting exceptional performance, the Patriot Viper 4 has been favored by gamers and demanding users alike for its ability to handle overclocking with ease.

Its custom-designed heat shield works to effectively dissipate heat, ensuring consistent performance and longevity.

What sets the Patriot Viper 4 apart is the peace of mind that comes with its lifetime warranty, available through the official Amazon store. With this warranty, users can be confident in their investment and enjoy the full capabilities of their RAM for years to come.

Before making a purchase, be sure to review the warranty details to fully understand the coverage offered.

TeamGroup Delta RGB T-Force (Image credit: Amazon)

TeamGroup Delta RGB T-Force


Decent overclocking capacity

Pretty impressive aesthetics

Easy to configure



Discover the ultimate gaming experience with TeamGroup Delta RGB T-Force RAM. Its aluminum heat spreader not only keeps your Ryzen 5 5600X cool, but it also adds to the aesthetics with its ultra-light and thin design.

Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors with the 120 degrees RGB lights, featuring the unique force flow effect.

The bright and dynamic RGB lights are flawlessly integrated into the frame of the RAM, providing an impressive and smooth illumination.

The Blitz RGB software is user-friendly and makes customization a breeze. Despite the occasional hotspot in the light strip, the LED lights are a great addition to any build.

Not only does this RAM offer a stunning appearance, but it also boasts low power consumption, saving you up to 40% on energy costs.

Experience high-performance computing with peace of mind knowing that your investment will be stable and long-lasting.

TeamGroup T-Force Delta RGB has undergone compatibility verification with all DDR4 motherboards on the market, ensuring optimal performance even under high workloads. Upgrade your setup today with this top-performing RAM.

G.Skill RipJaws V Series 16GB (Image credit: Amazon)

G.Skill RipJaws V Series 16GB


Unique Looks

Low profile

No lighting to annoy the anti-RGB users


Little tuning capability

The G.Skill RipJaws V Series 16GB RAM is the epitome of reliability and exceptional performance. Rigorously tested under extreme conditions to ensure its superior functioning, this RAM is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a dependable and efficient memory upgrade.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the G.Skill RipJaws V Series 16GB RAM has been designed to deliver optimal performance, even under the most demanding conditions.

Its efficient heat sink ensures the RAM operates at peak performance, even during intensive workloads. With its high frequency, this RAM boasts a lightning-fast transfer rate, making it the ideal choice for demanding applications like video rendering, data processing, and gaming.

G.Skill is a renowned manufacturer of reliable system memory, and their RipJaws V Series 16GB RAM is no exception. Its unique design, featuring an eye-catching look and remarkable performance, sets it apart from the competition, making it a top pick for gamers and power users alike.

Invest in this high-performance RAM and experience lightning-fast speed and seamless performance like never before. With its unbeatable combination of style and performance, the G.Skill RipJaws V Series 16GB RAM is the ultimate choice for anyone seeking a powerful memory upgrade.

Get The Best RAM For Your Ryzen 5 5600X With These Tips

Suppose you need computer parts like ram, ram kits, ryzen processors, graphics cards, or ryzen CPUs. You can choose the best product from the market by doing this.

The Memory Size

RAM comes in various sizes, including 8, 16, 32, and 64GB. For gaming, a minimum of 8GB is recommended to run light games at 30 frames per second. For heavy games, 16GB is the minimum required.

For office use, 4GB is enough. For content creation or graphic design, a minimum of 16 to 32GB is recommended to produce high-quality results.

The RGB Effects

If you’re into gaming, the Crucial Ballistix RAM for the Ryzen 5 5600x comes with RGB effects for a cool look. It has tiny LED lights that give you a range of colors to choose from. These RAM chips are great for gaming PCs with clear cases to showcase the computer parts.


It’s important to make sure the RAM you choose is compatible with your motherboard. Consider the DDR generation, capacity, and frequency when making your choice. Make sure your motherboard supports the latest DDR memory before installing it.

Capacity and frequency are also important factors to consider. Research different types of memory such as SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 to find the best option for your needs.


Timing refers to the speed at which things happen. Faster RAM means less waiting. This is important to consider when choosing RAM for your Ryzen 5 5600X.

It may not affect all games or apps, so take the time to research the apps and games you use and choose the appropriate RAM speed. For lighter programs, slower RAM will work just fine."


When it comes to choosing the right computer parts, it’s important to consider what you’ll be using your computer for. If you’re into gaming and content creation, the Ryzen 5 5600X is a great choice with its low TDP, high performance, and compatibility with AM4 motherboards.

However, to get the most out of this processor, you’ll need a powerful RAM. A higher clock speed RAM may be better for handling heavy tasks and multiple applications.

Adding more RAM will speed up your games and programs, and choosing a reliable and tested product is crucial. The G.Skill RipJaws V Series 16GB is an excellent choice for those looking for high performance at a reasonable price.

The Crucial Ballistix is a budget-friendly option, while the Corsair Vengeance LPX is perfect for those with a compact setup. So, don’t wait any longer and upgrade your computer today for a smooth and speedy experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you think Ryzen 5 5600x is good for gaming?

With 6 cores and 12 threads, AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600x might not be a super performer in comparison to other expensive processors. However, it’s no lightweight computer when it comes to gaming or performing any other type of task. This device shines when it comes to gaming, and with the perfect RAM, it becomes perfect. It will become a perfect upgrade in seconds when you have RAM like ToughRAM RGB.

Is it possible to use 3600Mhz RAM with Ryzen 5 5600x?

The simplest answer is, “Why not?”. 3600Mhz is good supported by Ryzen 5 5600x. You’ll have the best gaming experience together, and they can handle other things too. This RAM from G.Skill is made with premium quality components and delivers performance like no other. It’s the best RAM for Ryzen 5 5600X because of its performance, looks, overclocking, and everything else.

What RAM is best for Ryzen 5 5600x?

You will never find a better memory kit for your Ryzen 5 5600X than Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro. Software like ICUe, RGB customization, and a lifetime warranty from a trusted brand leave us with nothing to worry about while keeping a cool look. Overclocking is good, and the excellent heat spreaders keep the heat down.

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